Which would you rather do?

  • Maintain expensive and obsolete infrastructure
  • Forego insights because you can’t reach your data
  • Go through unproductive data integration cycles
  • Waste time waiting for queries to run


  • Move to the cloud and never worry about hardware again
  • Get a complete view of your data for better decision making
  • Save time by automating data integration
  • Make faster decisions with timely data

What more could you accomplish if your data was not stuck in silos?

Meet KCM Solutions

We help you take back control of your data.

Ranging from data cloud migration to making the most out of the infrastructure you already have, we work with you to implement solutions that will break down silos.

Make trusted decisions with a complete view of your data.

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Data warehouse

Access superior analytics capabilities

A key part of Business Intelligence, data warehousing allows you to combine data from various sources to give your organization a single source of truth.

Proper data warehousing gives you standardized, synchronized and reliable data your teams can count on. Allow us to introduce you to a data warehousing solution that will maximize your return on investment.

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Data lake

Build data lakes, not data swamps

Store all data from multiple sources in its native format and enjoy greater flexibility when it comes to exploratory analysis.

A data lake will give you full leverage of your data assets and power your toughest data science applications.

Let us counsel you on the best solution for your needs.

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Data fabric

Reach your data wherever, whenever

This emerging architecture addresses data complexity challenges by automating data integration, governance, and processing.

It provides a single environment for accessing and collecting all data, regardless of location — eliminating data silos.

The KCM Solutions team will help you identify if a data fabric is right for your business and implement the most advantageous solution.

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Data integration

Unify data from different sources

By streamlining your data integration processes, you can save your precious time for making the decisions that help your business grow and succeed. Whether you need help…

  • …orchestrating data movement (ELT/ETL)
  • …building data pipelines
  • …performing data replication, data virtualization
  • …planning data dependencies and relationships

Our data consulting company will assist you and make it easy.

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Data cloud migration

Move your data to the cloud

Data clouds offer scalability, low maintenance, loss prevention, and peace of mind.

Cloud technologies we offer are also more secure than most on-premise systems.

Engaging our cloud consulting services means we will analyze your business and determine the best course of action.

We then take charge of this seemingly complicated process and transform it into a seamless experience.

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Work with our data engineering team

Start taking full advantage of your data with data engineering and cloud consulting services from KCM Solutions

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