Which would you rather do?

  • Have insights but not know how to act on it
  • Waste time doing trial and error
  • Fail to see trends
  • Miss out on opportunities that your competitors will take advantage of


  • Know the best course of action based on your data
  • Increase efficiency with automated analytics
  • Uncover insights simple human analysis can often overlook

What if instead of working to manage your data, it was your data who was working for you?

Meet KCM Solutions

We help you turn your data into a productive asset that provide insights beyond traditional human analysis.

If your organization is lacking the expertise to take on data science projects, our consulting services can fill in the gap and allow you to benefit from these modern technologies.

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Machine learning models

Predictive analytics for your business

Machine learning and predictive analytics can help you make better decisions by drawing reliable conclusions about current conditions and future events.

Our data science experts will develop and deploy ML models that will help you recognize specific patterns in your data to better target customers, retain employees, or any other goal you have.

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Optimization & prescriptive analytics

Improving decision-making and outcomes

We can use optimization technologies, designed with mathematical and machine learning models, to help you make the most effective use of your resources.

We also offer prescriptive analytics solutions to bring your analytics to next level by letting your data prescribe your next move, helping you reshape your decision-making.

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AI chatbot

Enhanced customer experiences

With instant responses and omnichannel support features, our AI chatbots offer a personalized tone, response consistency, and data collection so you can better manage your business.

Engage KCM AI consulting services to incorporate conversational bots that will communicate in real-time 24/7 and boost engagement by improving customer experience.

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Work with our data science team

Discover the power of advanced analytics with data science consulting from KCM Solutions.

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