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Which would you rather do?

  • Be overwhelmed by the complexity that comes with using multiple platforms
  • Be stuck with tools that don’t allow you to innovate
  • Waste time and effort juggling with a complicated technology stack


  • Keep things simple by having a single platform that can meet all your data needs
  • Enjoy the freedom and quick pace of innovation of an open source ecosystem
  • Save on investment and training by having all your users on the same platform

What if you could get the benefits of both a data warehouse and a data lake into one, integrated solution?

Build a Lakehouse with Databricks

Databricks is a data lake and data warehouse all-in-one solution.

Its “Lakehouse” platform gives you the reliability and performance of a data warehouse in addition to the flexibility and exploratory analysis support of a data lake.

With a Lakehouse, you get no more data silos, just a simplified, reliable platform that helps you operate more efficiently.

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Quality and quantity

Easily build reliable data pipelines to continuously ingest data from different locations. This allows your data engineers to focus on quality and consistency, while handling cloud-scale production operations.

Secure and reliable

With full transparency and security built into every layer, Databricks helps you comply with privacy laws and meet regulatory requirements

Open-source ecosystem

Databricks is multicloud and based on open source technologies. This gives better compatibility and avoid leaving you walled inside a platform monopoly.

What customers say

" We've seen major improvements in the speed we have data available for analysis. We have a number of jobs that used to take 6 hours and now take only 6 seconds. "

— Alessio B., Chief Architect

5 Crucial Steps to Build a Successful Data Lakehouse

Find out how you can implement a data lakehouse.

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Why KCM Solutions?

We understand how organizations are tired of using a whole array of different products to do a single thing

That's why we use Databricks to save our clients from this hassle by having all their workloads run on a single platform

Work with our team

As a Databricks partner, the team at KCM Solutions will help you get started quickly and effortlessly.

You can trust our experienced Databricks consultants to accelerate your journey, minimize risk and ensure smooth scaling of your Lakehouse.

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A deeper look into the Databricks unified data platform

Have you been thinking of building a data lake but are to scared to dive in?

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