Which would you rather do?

  • Waste 60%+ of your time on data collection rather than value-added analysis
  • Make forecast that are obsolete by the time you need them
  • Be always one step behind and unable to meet demand when needed
  • Juggle with data in silos, leaving your financial and operational plans disconnected


  • Shorten planning cycles by automating mundane tasks during the planning, budgeting and forecasting process
  • Seize market opportunities by keeping your operational and financial plans in sync
  • React with agility to changing market conditions by immediately seeing the impact of alternate courses of action

What if you could capitalize on opportunities today while preparing yourself for the challenges of tomorrow?

Meet KCM Solutions

We help you create reliable, accurate, integrated plans and forecasts that drive better decisions.

Deliver faster and more agile plans that pivote in real time to address changing demands and create more accurate and reliable forecasts.

…meaning employees can spend more time on analysis and higher-value work. See how we can help you.

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Planning and budgeting

Meet changing demands and priorities

Through the use of integrated information, the solutions we provide will let you set bottom-up budgets for your top-down objectives.

As your data consulting company, we empower you to better evaluate, analyze and draw insights from business data so you can set realistic financial targets and reach them.

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Integrated financial planning

Unify data, improve decision-making

Integrated financial planning is a better approach to finance which incorporates everything from budgeting and planning to scenario modeling and forecasting into a single performance management software.

Our professionals will work with you to automate and optimize your FP&A processes, improving your decisions and driving success.

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Management and performance reporting

See financial metrics more clearly

Uncover deep insights thanks to real-time reports and dashboards that shows you what’s been successful and how you can improve.

Let us show you how you can unite stakeholders from various lines of business under a single plan that will boost effectiveness across the whole organization.

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Forecasting and modeling

Better forecasting for better outcomes

Only when you have a well-organized plan, and when your goals seem attainable, can your teams unites to work towards them and make them a reality.

Our team will develop models to accurately weigh the impacts and risks of your strategies, making sure you choose the most favorable course of action.

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Work with our FP&A team

Help your business thrive with data-led financial planning and analysis consulting from KCM Solutions.

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