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Which would you rather do?

  • Spend hours manually aggregating your data
  • Confuse users with the wrong visualizations
  • Miss opportunities because you can’t see them
  • Waste time waiting for technical people to get the data for you


  • Waste no time manually making reports by automating them
  • Unite your vision with a clear picture of your data
  • Empower your business users with ability to rapidly make informed decisions, on their own

What would happen if you could unlock all the insights hidden in your data?

Visualize your data with Cognos Analytics

Cognos Analytics is a Business Intelligence tool. With it, you can better understand your data and convey its meaning to your stakeholders.

If you’re struggling with business analytics, this powerful and interactive tool is fast and user-friendly, enabling you to see your data in stunning visualizations and spot insights previously hidden.

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Simple visuals, deep insights

Visualize the data quickly with compelling, interactive and shareable dashboards. Drag and drop data, drill down into the detail and then share with colleagues, managers and partners.

Pixel-perfect reports

Maintain you company standardized format that enables clear communication with reports that can be precisely customized to look exactly like you need them.

Import your data easily

Fetch your data easily and in no time thanks to AI. Cognos Analytics can, of its own, find the relationships between your table, setting them up for you.

Automated reporting

Everyone is kept up to date when you schedule automated and personalized reports. Create and share multi-page reports in the format you and your stakeholders want.

A data analyst that fits in your pocket

Cognos Analytics allows you to use natural language to ask questions about your data, cutting the jargon and making it accessible to anyone. The mobile app allows you to ask questions by voice, giving you a response anytime anywhere.

What customers say

"Using Cognos Analytics is good for the entire property. It resulted in fewer adjustments, cost savings and an overall increase in customer satisfaction."

–Jesse S, Director of Strategic Marketing

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Why KCM Solutions?

We understand how organizations struggle to gain the insights they need from their data

That's why we leverage IBM Cognos Analytics to provide our clients with an easy tool to power their decision making

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As Cognos Analytics partners, the team at KCM Solutions will help you get started quickly and effortlessly.

We will also provide guidance and hands-on training so your teams can analyze data and share insights, powering you towards business value.

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