Planning Analytics (TM1)

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Which would you rather do?

  • Spend days manually exploring possible scenarios
  • Make the wrong decisions because you couldn’t see hidden correlations
  • Miss opportunities because you couldn’t adjust your plans fast enough
  • Make sub-optimal resource allocation because you couldn’t account for all the complexity


  • Save time exploring a multitude of scenarios with just a few clicks
  • Make better decisions that consider the entirety of your operations
  • Seize market opportunities by quickly adjusting your plans
  • Make the absolute best usage of your assets thanks to AI powered optimization

What if you could plan for anything, be ready for everything?

Make better, more accurate plans with Planning Analytics

Planning Analytics is a financial planning and analysis tool. It makes planning easier and faster by integrating your data, plans, forecasts and business units on a single platform.

Excel may be sufficient for a while and be “good enough”. But when you have to deal with large amounts of data, in a business environment that has disruptions waiting behind every corner, you need more than “good enough”.

You need a flexible and scalable solution to turn around quickly, you need IBM Planning Analytics.

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What if scenario testing

Any question can be easily answered, any hypothesis tested. What if sales of product X increase 10%? What will be the impact on margins? Create personal sandboxes to compare scenarios and test your assumptions. You will see the impacts of your decisions before you make them.

Work on the web or Excel, or both

Planning Analytics can be used in a familiar Excel interface, or the same features can be used in a modern web interface.

Constraint based optimization

How do you make the absolute best capital or production allocation when you have to deal with tens of correlations, constraints and variables? Simply enter them in Planning Analytics and let its AI powered decision optimization engine suggest the best course of action to reach your objectives.

What customers say

" With the IBM solution, the team is mesmerized by the power they have — to have a ‘crystal ball’ and see what tomorrow will bring rather than see only what happened yesterday. It’s a big mind change for us. "

–Ali H., Chief Financial Officer

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Why KCM Solutions?

We understand how organizations struggle to adapt their plans to a ever changing business environment

That's why our experts leverage IBM Planning Analytics to help our clients be more resilient in the wake of disruptions

Work with our team

As IBM Planning Analytics partners, the team at KCM Solutions will help you get started quickly and effortlessly.

We will help you re-model you current processes to be used in Planning Analytics, giving you a functional base.

Then, we will work with you to capitalize on all its advanced features and get insights far beyond what human powered analysis can do.

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