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Which would you rather do?

  • Lose customers because they can’t get the answers they need
  • Pay for expensive customer service agents performing low value tasks
  • Provide inconsistant service that frustrates customers


  • Deliver on customer expectations while reducing cost
  • Satisfy customers with timely answers to their questions
  • Increase efficiency by having your agents focus on high value-add activities

What if you could deliver smarter customer experiences anywhere, anytime?

Make the Watson Assistant your virtual agent

Watson assistant is a multichannel conversational AI platform that can easily be customized for your business.

If you have more than one full-time customer service agent who mostly ends up answering FAQs or doing routine processes, there is no doubt, you need a chatbot.

With an average payback of less than 6 month, Watson Assistant is a no brainer to improve customer experience and reduce cost.

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Speaks your language

Watson is AI powered and improves with every conversation. It can pick up on customer intent and skip unnecessary steps. It can handle mid-conversation, off topic questions and then get right back to the main subject. Misspelled words won't stop it either.

Watson knows the answer

Watson doesn't need to be taught the answer to every possible question under the sun. By giving it access to your database, documents or any relevant information source, it can go fetch the answers it needs for itself.

Self learner

Every conversation Watson has makes it better. It asks questions to clarify and improve for the next time. It will learn to better understand intent, avoid redundant questions, or when it shouldn't try to answer and instead pass things off to a live agent.

What customers say

" The way Watson responds feels just like I'm talking to a person. "

— Lorean A., Branch Manager

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Why KCM Solutions?

We understand how organizations struggle delivering on demanding customer expectations

That's why our experts have leveraged Watson Assistant to provide many clients with a smarter customer experience

Work with our team

As IBM Watson Assistant partners, the team at KCM Solutions will quickly train Watson to service your customers.

We will integrate it with your internal data sources so it can fetch answers on its own and work with you to determine the various possible scenarios and make it ready for them all.

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