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Which would you rather do?

  • Spend hours manually aggregating your data
  • Confuse users with the wrong visualizations
  • Miss opportunities because you can’t see them
  • Waste time waiting for technical people to get the data for you


  • Have all the data you need at your finger tips
  • Unite your vision with a clear picture of your data
  • Empower your business users with ability to rapidly make informed decisions, on their own

What if you were able to gain full insight of your data?

Visualize your data with Tableau

Tableau is a data visualization tool. With it, you can better understand your data and convey its meaning to your stakeholders.

If you’re struggling with business analytics, this powerful and interactive tool is fast and user-friendly, enabling you to see your data in stunning visualizations and spot insights previously hidden.

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See the data a different way

With Tableau, you can create interactive visualizations to see your data in ways you never thought possible, all without the need for technical or programming skills.

A single source of truth

With Tableau Server or Tableau Online, you can create a shared environment where every employee can work with up-to-date and prepared data. This empowers employees to bridge the gap between departments and within teams.

Data quickly digested

Your data is easily ingested and processed by Tableau Prep. It shapes, cleans and combines your data into a format that can be easily understood and analysed.

Accessible for anyone

Build data-driven teams. With Tableau's ability to understand natural language questions, anyone can get the results they need without the need for extensive training.

What customers say

" Without Tableau, we would be stuck analyzing enormous amounts of data in spreadsheets. Instead, we create dashboards that provide clear actionable insights, and that drive the business forward. "

— Donald L., Senior Business Intelligence Manager

5 Best Practices for Building Effective Dashboards

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Why KCM Solutions?

We understand how organizations struggle to gain the insights they need from their data

That's why our experts leverage Tableau to provide our clients with an easy tool to power their decision making

Work with our team

As Tableau partners, the team at KCM Solutions will help you get started quickly and effortlessly.

We will also provide guidance and hands-on training so your teams can analyze data and share insights, powering you towards business value.

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