Take Excel to the cloud

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Which would you rather do?

  • Copy spreadsheets around never knowing which one is the latest
  • Waste time manually creating what-if scenarios
  • Miss on insights because your data in siloed in source systems


  • Avoid errors by collaborating on the same data through the cloud
  • Quickly take a peak at the future with a few clicks
  • Make smarter decisions by considering the entirety of your data

What if you could double your output without doubling your effort?

Upgrade your spreadsheet game

Vena is about the easiest CPM software you can find because it is based directly off Excel.

It enables you to keep using the spreadsheet you love, but it adds-on a variety of features that makes collaborating and data integration so much easier.

Do you feel like your company has outgrown Excel but don’t want to risk time and effort into an expensive and complicated CPM software? Vena is for you.

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Take Excel to the cloud

Keep all your data securely stored in a central database. Everyone will be able to access it easily and quickly, all with Vena’s Excel interface.

Say farewell to data silos

Vena's capabilities go beyond Excel. Vena's cloud database can integrate data from all your systems whether from other clouds or on-premise. This means you can say goodbye to data silos by accessing every data you have from a single place.

What customers say

" Managers now have more time for analytics than they ever did before. With Vena, they have one system that lets them drill down into their expense items, identify trends and better run their communities. "

— Matt M., Senior Vice President of FP&A

5 Simple Steps to Better, Modern Budgeting

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Why KCM Solutions?

We understand how organizations struggle with their FP&A when they use processes that don't satisfy the complexity of doing business today

That's why our experts have leveraged Vena to provide many clients with a solution that meet modern FP&A needs

Work with our team

As your Vena consultants, the KCM Solutions team will help you quickly and effectively implement Vena.

We will integrate it into your workflows and train your teams so they can start analyzing data and sharing insights, powering you towards business value.

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